gone awol

Whirlwinds and Hiccups, of course.

So, friends and family, strangers and acquaintances. I’ve just remembered this existed!

It’s been a while. A while of adventures, bar tending, chasing summer and leaving the familiar behind again and again. A while of Ben being shit-faced every night, a while of Amsterdam and a while of Continue reading “Whirlwinds and Hiccups, of course.”


This Strange Journey of Mine

Friday 9th December.

It’s been over 10 months since I left humble Adelaide, nearly 11 months in-fact. To be honest, I hardly remember life as it was, back when my wild dreams were all talk. When my wildest dreams were just dreams. And then those dreams became plans, fluid plans became concrete and within 4 months those concrete plans unfolded into reality as I Continue reading “This Strange Journey of Mine”

The next Adventure

Faro, Portugal.

The capital of the Algarve, this small town on the southern coast of Portugal has become my new temporary home as I embark on a new journey out of Amsterdam, this time on my lonesome. With sweeping beaches, medieval quarters and Continue reading “The next Adventure”

To Adelaide, from Amsterdam

It’s getting cold here. Trackies have swapped out the shorts and at least one jumper keeps my heart beating in a temperature my body is not equipped for. It’s still hitting 13 degrees at midday, but for me, I may as well be in Antarctica.

Yesterday I made a life-threatening decision and stepped out into the sub-arctic temperatures for a wander around Continue reading “To Adelaide, from Amsterdam”

This is Living

Here I am, once again, sitting under the bluest sky and warmest sun on the greenest grass in Vondelpark.
A solid hangover cure this is.
I know I haven’t written a post in a long time now. Life so far has been a constant cycle of Continue reading “This is Living”

Working for The Pig

As most of you may know, I recently got employed by The Flying Pig Backpacker Hostels in Amsterdam!

Under the WHAP (Working Holiday for Accomodation at the Pig) – or as we are called, ‘whoppers’- I will be working approximately Continue reading “Working for The Pig”

The Introverted Traveller


Welcome to my little introverted mind. I’ve certainly used that line before.

But yes, welcome. It’s crazy up in here, but you wouldn’t see that from the outside. I don’t actually think many people know the true Ben yet, because what’s on the outside is so completely different to the inside. From a modern-days perspective you could say I’m Gunther on the outside and Phoebe on the inside. And yes, I’m sure you can also tell I’ve watched 2 seasons of Friends in the past 4 days. I’m certainly no extrovert, yet I’m a traveller. Continue reading “The Introverted Traveller”

Living in The Netherlands: Excitement 12

The unemployed is no more! No, this kid doesn’t have just one job, he has TWO!

About a month ago I was called in for an interview at Generator Hostel which went really well, evidently, as I got called back for a second interview with the head chef and later scored a job in the kitchen #dishbitch. Continue reading “Living in The Netherlands: Excitement 12”

Living in The Netherlands: Experience 11

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these, but I decided to add another subject to write about – experiences. We’ve been living here in The Netherlands for 7 weeks now, and there certainly has been no shortage of exciting, exhausting and educating experiences in that time. Let me start with my first week living in Amsterdam. Continue reading “Living in The Netherlands: Experience 11”

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