All I can say is, 2016 is taking me places! My travel path I intend to take, with of course, room for error and adjustments, is:

Indonesia » America » Iceland » The Netherlands » Germany » Norway » Sweden » United Kingdom » Switzerland » France » Spain » Hungary » Greece » United Arab Emirates » Lebanon » Jordan » Qatar

Most of these countries have been places I’ve dreamt of seeing for a long time now. Indonesia (obviously), UAE (and most Middle-Eastern countries) and a few European countries all top the list, but I have never discounted any other countries in this world. Maybe I just have the travel bug, but I have always had such a strong urge to explore and experience everything this world has to offer me. My life-long dream would be to see every country in this world. Of course, that isn’t completely possible, at least for now, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming! The weird, wacky and wonderful. I want to see it all!

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who are born, grow up and choose to stay in the same country, or even city, their whole lives, and are satisfied with that sort of life. Where is your sense of adventure? I don’t understand how a life lived in a single place can be fulfilling. I believe travelling helps you grow, develop, experience, learn and adapt, but most of all, opens your eyes to things that you cannot even begin to anticipate.

My worst nightmare summarised into 9 lines:

*Alarm goes off*
*Gets up*
*Sits in traffic*
*Gets to work late*
*Sits down*
(5 minutes later)
*Looks at watch*
“Cool, only 40 more years to go.”

So here I am, doing NOT that. I’ve done my required time at school, did the best I could do and achieved better than I could ever wish for. I got accepted into my preferred university course, and I could so easily be sitting in a lecture right now looking at my watch and thinking, “Cool, only 4 more years to go.” Instead, I’m sitting in Bali, watching the sun set across the indian ocean planning my adventures for tomorrow.

Maybe deferring from uni was the single best decision I have made in my life. I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied as hell. But everyone sitting at their desks, unsatisfied, should know that they don’t have to be unsatisfied. Get up, go for a walk, get on a plane. Ok, it’s not that easy, but it isn’t hard! Stop yourselves from putting off whatever it is that will make you satisfied until it’s too late. Because do you really want to look back on the time of your life when you could have done everything you wanted to do, and regret that you didn’t? I’m gonna say no.