Here it is. The 24th of January. Sunday.

Nothing unusual about the day itself – the sun was still shining, the birds still singing, the air still hot. My day though, was different. You see, the backpack I had packed weeks before that was lying on my bedroom floor, already locked, was about to be chucked into the belly of the same plane that would also take me to my first destination in this crazy year that was about to become – Indonesia.

Hey you, welcome to one of the most exciting days of my life!

The day went slowly. The anticipation and excitement building up within me nearly burst when the time came to board this baby that would take me back to my favourite place in the world. Home. Indonesia isn’t only my first stop this year, but also a place I hold close to my heart. This country was my home for the first 12 years of my life, a place I learned to appreciate, and a place I love. Choosing Indonesia as my first landing place was probably the easiest decision I have made, not only because my family would also be joining me for a holiday there, but because it was a place I knew and felt comfortable in.

Landing. 2120hrs. Bali.

What’s up Bali?! Bustling streets, motorbikes, fumes and humidity, yet I couldn’t have felt more at home. It was 1am – or more relevant, 2:30am Adelaide time – but I was buzzing. Full of anticipation of what’s to come, not only for this leg of the journey, but for every next step I make this year. Indonesia is only the first of many countries I will visit, and by far the most familiar to me.

Welcome to the most exciting year of my life! Bali today, Kupang tomorrow. The adventures have begun!