Bali! It’s good to be back.

Only this time it was a bitter-sweet feeling to be back. The sweet? Hello to 12 of my school friends joining me for 2 weeks in Indonesia! The bitter? I’d be saying goodbye to mum and Jed for a year, in less than 2 days. Yes it was hard, and maybe I did cry a bit on the inside, but I didn’t fully realise that I wouldn’t be seeing my mum and brother for a whole year after they walked through the departure gates. Yes, I still had dad, and my friends were on the plane to Bali as I waved goodbye one last time, but this would be the first time I have gone any longer than a month without seeing mum.

But my excitement quickly rekindled as I walked down to the arrivals to greet 12 familiar faces I left in Adelaide only 2 weeks ago! The Indo Crew, The Lombok with Lemmy’s – the story goes something like this.