Right about now I should be on a 16 hour overnight bus headed west to Jogja. Of-course, nothing ever goes to plan when it comes to Indonesia (and me), and only a day after moving to my friends house in Jimbaran I quickly learned that my last night in Bali would become my last 5 nights.

Stop 7:
Immigration. Immigration can go suck a fat one for all I care, because the officer who clearly hates his 9-5 just told me to wait another 5 days to get my passport with my visa extension back. Thanks.
Ok, maybe I shouldn’t blame immigration completely. Yes, I did leave getting my extension to 5 days before the visa expired, and yes, it was my first time I’ve ever had to do a proper adult thing by myself, with no help, in Bali. So when it comes down to it the blame is 100% on me.
Hello Alanna, I’m gonna be staying in your house a bit longer than a night if thats ok?
Limbo land. Thats where I was for the 5 days I had to kill in Bali. A place where you spend half of your morning in bed, awake, not because you’re lazy, but because you don’t know what to do with the day ahead. A place where you hop on your scooter and drive aimlessly around Bali, not going too far because you don’t have too much money to burn on petrol. A place where you end up spending the money you don’t have on parking, wifi, beach entrance tickets… Tattoos.
5 days pass, my precious passport is returned with a cool new stamp and my bus to Jogja awaits me. Bali, it’s been a crazy 5 weeks. Jogja, I’m ready.