A collection of all my thoughts, concerns, excitements and questions about what my life will look, is like and was like ‘Living in The Netherlands.’

15 June

So, if we’re getting down to the main reason of why we are living in the Netherlands, it is purely to get a job and earn some extra mullah before setting off on our Euro trip. Yes, I guess I will be lying when I tell the immigration official that my main purpose of travel to the Netherlands is to travel and not work, even if I am applying for a work visa. I never really understood that guideline.

My main point here is, what if we come all the way to the Netherlands, find a house, pay for our work visas and then not find a job? Can I really blame the websites that told me finding work will be easy? And what about the 53 euros that I would have wasted on a work visa? Will I settle for a job in a hostel that doesn’t earn me money but gets me free accommodation and food? Will a half priced beer really suffice for the lack of income?

Sometimes I don’t really think about this, but then I remember that I only have $800 left in my bank account and I’m planning on travelling for another year. Funny joke, Ben.