A collection of all my thoughts, concerns, excitements and questions about what my life will look, is like and was like ‘Living in The Netherlands.’

18 June

First honest thoughts on the Netherlands? Where is my passport stamp???? I really, truly feel 100% ripped off. Did I spend all this money on flights to walk out of Schiphol Airport without a new stamp in my passport? You bloody know I didn’t!

We arrived in the country tonight and were greeted by Jessie’s lovely friends who offered to house us until we could move into our own. They live an hour and a half away from Amsterdam, but only 2 minutes away from where we would eventually be living.

Lunteren seems to be nice. It’s a tiny village, clean and friendly. Maybe a bit too tiny? We’ll see about that one. For now, I’m ready to settle in. For once we don’t have to wake up at 7 the next morning to feel like we are making the most of the short time we have in a country! We’re here for months! Hello sleep-ins!