A collection of all my thoughts, concerns, excitements and questions about what my life will look, is like and was like ‘Living in The Netherlands.’

4 July

Side note: I wrote this at the beginning of the day as well as the end of the day.

Guess what day it is?! Visa day!!! (sarcastic excitement)
Today Jessie and I will pay 10 euros to travel half an hour by train to Utrecht, wait in line to be called up to the desk at Immigration and apply for our working holiday visas. And then most likely be told to wait some more to get our passports back with the stamps in them.

Wish us luck people, wish us good luck.


Hello again! Hello my name is Ben and I have my work visa!

Yes, I was as shocked, surprised and flabbergasted as you are that half an hour into our appointment, the lady behind the desk puled out two stickers, wrote some Dutch words on them and stuck one into each of our passports. We have our work visas!!! Residence permits come later (in 3 months) (pfft, who needs residence permits when you can start looking for work now) but for now, we have our visas and we are legally allowed to work in the Netherlands!

Actually, I was so shocked that everything happened in one appointment that I completely lost myself and didn’t know what to do when we left the building. Were we still going to take a holiday from our holiday and find some real summer? No Ben, don’t be silly. You have 300 euros left in your wallet.