A collection of all my thoughts, concerns, excitements and questions about what my life will look, is like and was like ‘Living in The Netherlands.’

9 July

I have  200 euros left to my name. I am unemployed and my money is slowly dwindling away on food that keeps me alive.

Ok it’s not really that bad. We have a house, we’ve paid for our work visa’s and we nearly have jobs. Maybe. Yesterday I got called into Coco’s Outback Pub for a ‘chat’ with Mathijus (Ma×tie×us). He told me straight up I can come back and ask him for work when I live in the city. Ok Mathijus.

Fair enough though, I guess he can’t really afford to employee a kid who lives one and a half hours away by train.

So now I am left with that horrible feeling of rejection, I am not sure where I will get a job until we move to Amsterdam and I’m not sure where we will even begin to find a place in Amsterdam.

Life goes on.