Jessie got employed!!!!! Woo, yay!
That now makes her the first to find a job, aaaandd leaves me on my own scrambling to find accomodation and work before the end of this week comes. Because at the end of the week, our time in this humble little garden house we have called home for a month comes to an end and we both have to move to Amsterdam.

Jessie’s sorted, she gets free accomodation in a hostel. Me? Not so much. (Thinking I might end up on the streets for now). Life goes on.

This post turned into more of a concern post. I’ve been looking for accomodation literally everywhere. Couchsurfing, house sitting, room sharing, hostels, student accomodation, renting. Everything! And nothing has eventuates so far. I have, however, scored two job interviews coming up this weekend. Both of them are at hostels, so let’s hope something can come from that!

No matter what happens, I have contacts and I have friends and I know none of them will let me go to the streets. Hopefully. 😜