Gee I’m really pumping these ones out lately! Guess it is the time where everything is happening all at once, and I’m trying to keep ontop of it all so that one day when I’m back home and wishing I wasn’t I can read back on these and reminisce like an old man. Maybe.


Here I am. ClinkNoord holds me hostage for 3 hours while I step into this group interview. Yes, I’m nervous, and my stomach isn’t doing too well with the coffee and biscuit I paid too much for after sleeping through my alarm this morning. Nothing like a frantic morning trying to look half decent, forgetting to brush but still making it to the train in literally less than 10 months from the time I woke up. But now there’s 6 minutes to go until I step into the interview room. I see the table and chairs. I see the interviewees discussing amongst themselves. And I’m shitting myself.

“Here now, all I know is I know that you are here now.” This song speaks volumes.

I’ll be back. Wish me luck.


Soooo the classic over thinker over thought once again and the interview turned out to go better than I ever imagined. Only 4 people showed up which was nice, and my overall thoughts on how I did are positive. Somehow I completely surprised myself, when the inevitable “what can you bring to this job” question came about, and threw together a speech that came from somewhere I don’t even know that I continued well past the time limit given.

But tomorrow is the day that I’ll either be invited back for another interview or find out that I didn’t impress enough at this one. Whatever happens, I had fun, and once again, confirmed to myself that on the other side of my comfort zone is something better, enjoyable, more fulfilling yet completely unexpected.

And He was totally there.