It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these, but I decided to add another subject to write about – experiences. We’ve been living here in The Netherlands for 7 weeks now, and there certainly has been no shortage of exciting, exhausting and educating experiences in that time. Let me start with my first week living in Amsterdam.

This week was insane. Intense and exhausting, but also very exciting. I moved here with Jessie with no place to sleep. Jessie moved into her hostel where she is working and I was left without a place to stay. I wondered the roads, scanned HostelWorld and messaged a bazillion hosts on Couchsurfing with no luck.

That afternoon I was led on a journey around Amsterdam and ended up at a hostel an hours walk away from the city centre. It was cheap, clean and perfect for me, but more so, they had one bed left for that night. One.

Let me tell you, the same thing happened the next day. And the next. My days consisted of waking up, checking out, walking around town and finding another hostel to stay in. One every day for 3 days before I was lucky enough to stay with a Couchsurfer for free one night, and then stay with Jessie in her hostel at a discounted rate. I was also very lucky that a friend of a friend I met in Bali offered to host me for 3 nights, and then a complete stranger offered his home to me as he was going on holidays to Australia for a month.

The first month in Amsterdam has been truly hectic. I’ve been taken to all 4 corners of Amsterdam and all the way out to the west-coast of The Netherlands. And right now I am staying in the centre of Amsterdam once again, this time for 22 days as a lovely couple goes on holidays in America. Check out my view.