The unemployed is no more! No, this kid doesn’t have just one job, he has TWO!

About a month ago I was called in for an interview at Generator Hostel which went really well, evidently, as I got called back for a second interview with the head chef and later scored a job in the kitchen #dishbitch. Only problem was I didn’t yet have my BSN, which is apparently a really important number that lets you work and live in The Netherlands. And it also apparently takes 2 weeks to wait for an appointment at the City Hall to apply for one.

During those two weeks while I was in struggle zone trying to find a room I could rent long term I decided to go to the other branch of The Flying Pig Hostel where Jessie works and ask if there are any positions. I walked in and sat down just as the manager finished up with another person on the table next to me congratulating him on his new position at the hostel. Great. I asked anyway, and low and behold, 2 hours later I received an email from the manager saying I got the job and can start on Tuesday in 3 days!

This Flying Pig job requires 5 hours of work for 6 days a week but entitles me to free accomodation in return. The plan is to work the 2 jobs together to earn me free accommodation as well as a living – tiring but it can be done. One of Jessie’s team mates does the same thing at the same two hostels, so if she can do it, so can I!

Wish me luck! No more binge watching Friends to while away the days. Probably a good thing since I finished all 10 seasons yesterday.