Here I am, once again, sitting under the bluest sky and warmest sun on the greenest grass in Vondelpark.
A solid hangover cure this is.
I know I haven’t written a post in a long time now. Life so far has been a constant cycle of “working”, partying and sleeping, and I say “working” because there is no way you can call this job a job. The Flying Pig Hostel breathes life into the saying “work hard play harder.” I don’t think there are many jobs going out there where it’s acceptable to work completely hammered- drunk or stoned, as long as you meet the 4:30 deadline you’re killing it. As long as the bartender has enough glasses to keep pouring drinks you’re free to have as many breaks on night shift as you want.
Take last night. 2 of our staff bid their goodbyes with a hectic party starting at 12pm going through 7am the next morning. Pair a costume party with free beers from the bar for 2 hours and you have a recipe for disaster for the unfortunate soul that gets scheduled to work night shift. Me. Night shift is actually my favourite shift, because no matter how many glasses I smashed, drinks I spilled and toilets I left unclean last night, I wasn’t going to miss out on going hard with the rest of the crew. Heck, the 3 managers were all there sitting with us drinking, dancing and chilling, not a care in the world. Clock off at 12am, pass out at 4 and wake up to one of the best days for weather Amsterdam has given me since I’ve been here – there really isn’t much to complain about.
I gotta be honest and say this time of my life is a bloody good one. One of the best. I may have travelled half of the world for 7 months already, but my happiness levels here are booming. There’s a family here at the Pig. My family of “whappers” who I share a dorm room with, the staff I see everyday on reception and bar and the constantly changing guests of the hostel. Without my fellow piggies this experience wouldn’t be an experience, and I’m truly glad to have these people as friends for life.

Amsterdam is my place to be, and while it lasts I’m going to make every second of it count. But for now I think I could easily settle down here for the remainder of my one year visa. No regrets, no stress, no complaints. This is living.