An adventurous spirit always has a bucket list, and I won’t be satisfied until I ticket them all off! Which will probably be never because it’s always growing! No worries, below I’ve listed everything and every place I want to do and see, as well as the places I’ve already been.

Where I have been:

Indonesia – Bali, Lombok, Kupang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya.
Australia – Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Alice Springs, Uluru
America – 
California, Chicago, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, New York

Where I will be travelling in 2016:

June – Iceland & The Netherlands
July to December – Germany, England, Ireland, Norway & Sweden

Where I will be travelling in 2017:

January to May – Switzerland, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Hungary & Greece
May to June – United Arab Emirates, Lebanon & Jordan

Where I want to travel:

Asia – Indonesia, Phillipines, Japan, South Korea, China, Nepal, Oman, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia & Malaysia.
Oceana – New Zealand, Vanuatu & Fiji
North America – Hawaii, Canada, United States Road Trip (Route 66 & Southern States)
South America – Mexico, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina.
Africa Road Trip – Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar & South Africa.

Interesting places I want to visit:

North Korea. Every single person I’ve told of my desires to visit North Korea have either responded with, “You’ll get in but good luck getting out,” or, “You’ll die.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is a fact that, with a tour and strict guidance, you can actually enter the country and exit in one piece. I’ve always had a curiosity about North Korea, and I have a huge urge to explore it and learn about the culture. Yeh, I’ll get told what North Korea wants me to hear, but just experiencing the country, landscape and scenery would be an amazing experience. For me anyway.

Antartica. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go here?! I think flying over such a sparse, white continent and then landing in a place that goes without seeing sunlight for months of the year would be an awesome experience. Of course, making it to the South Pole is a huge bucket list item, but for someone who has gone 17 years without seeing snow, I think it would be pretty cool to be surrounded by it for a while!

Things to do before I turn 25:

  1. Travel the world (half done)
  2. See the northern lights
  3. High-five everyone posing at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  4. Canyon swing in New Zealand
  5. See snow  (Yosemite, May 2016)
  6. Get my skydiving license
  7. Road trip Route 66
  8. Road trip down the eastern coast of Africa
  9. Party in Ibiza
  10. Climb to the Everest Base Camp
  11. Summit Rinjani Volcano in Lombok
  12. Get my diving license
  13. Motorbike road trip across Indonesia
  14. Teach English in Asia
  15. Spend 2 months travelling around Iceland
  16. Visit every European country
  17. Travel to 100 countries
  18. Spend 2 months in Canada
  19. Get a University degree
  20. Attend The Olympic Games
  21. Climb the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio
  22. Swim, paddle or canoe with Orcas
  23. Road trip around Australia
  24. Touch the continental plates of America and Europe on the Atlantic seabed