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The Top Ten: Indonesia

Indonesia is your Neverland. Heaven on earth, this tropical paradise lavishes you with its lush landscapes and encompasses you with warm turquoise waters wherever you end up. 5 minutes is enough time to turn your eyes into heart shapes and send you head-over-heals in love with this country from when you step off the plane in Bali, and you’ll forgive the Continue reading “The Top Ten: Indonesia”


More Setbacks and Time to Kill.

Right about now I should be on a 16 hour overnight bus headed west to Jogja. Of-course, nothing ever goes to plan when it comes to Indonesia Continue reading “More Setbacks and Time to Kill.”

Gunung Batur

Ubud, Bali. 2 AM.

Gunung Batur is Bali’s baby volcano. Standing 1,717m tall, it’s last eruption in 2000 renders this volcano still active, yet tourists continue to flock to hike it’s rocky terrain and witness Continue reading “Gunung Batur”

Southern Bali and the Highs of Travelling.

If anything, the past few days have taught me not to let my expectations shape my Continue reading “Southern Bali and the Highs of Travelling.”

Northern Bali and Unmet Expectations.

Stop 3:
While it was sad to leave, my time was up in Ubud and Tulamben was calling. Since cancelling my trip to Papua, I decided to hire a scooter and make my way up the east coast of Bali to the most northern point of the island, Continue reading “Northern Bali and Unmet Expectations.”

The Adventures Begin! Finally!

Understand me. I am a spontaneous person. I don’t plan things, I often don’t research Continue reading “The Adventures Begin! Finally!”

Gone Solo and Gone Hospital.

February 22. The comrades leave.

It was a repeat situation of exactly two weeks before, when I waved mum and Jed goodbye one last time through the glass separating Bali and the rest of the world. As the last two of my school friends made their way through Continue reading “Gone Solo and Gone Hospital.”

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