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The Top Ten: Indonesia

Indonesia is your Neverland. Heaven on earth, this tropical paradise lavishes you with its lush landscapes and encompasses you with warm turquoise waters wherever you end up. 5 minutes is enough time to turn your eyes into heart shapes and send you head-over-heals in love with this country from when you step off the plane in Bali, and you’ll forgive the Continue reading “The Top Ten: Indonesia”


Hello Jogja!

March 30. 7am.

Hello Jogja! After a 16 hour bus ride from Bali I finally arrived in the hip city of Jogjakarta. Here I plan to meet dad, who took a flight over from Lombok to meet me and spend some time together before heading back to Lombok. The next few paragraphs are a recount of what I got up to in the 4 days I spent on Java. Continue reading “Hello Jogja!”

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