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The Top Ten: Indonesia

Indonesia is your Neverland. Heaven on earth, this tropical paradise lavishes you with its lush landscapes and encompasses you with warm turquoise waters wherever you end up. 5 minutes is enough time to turn your eyes into heart shapes and send you head-over-heals in love with this country from when you step off the plane in Bali, and you’ll forgive the Continue reading “The Top Ten: Indonesia”


Travelling Iceland on a budget

Seeing as I’m on a roll with these Iceland posts, I figured I may as well wrap it up with a few tips for any Iceland wanderlusters out there.

If you took any hints from my last 3 posts, Iceland is a very expensive place to travel to. While this was a big disappointment to find out when we arrived, and evidently became a huge hindrance over the 4 days we had, nothing would make me think twice about travelling there again. Iceland has a beauty of it’s own, and I seriously recommend the country to anyone who loves nature and beautiful scenery.

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Road Tripping the Golden Circle with Strangers: Iceland Part 3

This Iceland post is turning into more of a book than anything.

We set up camp under Skogafoss and fell asleep to the roaring sound of falling water at 2:30am. Right at this moment – things were perfect.
The next day we planned to hike to the top of the waterfall and explore along the Skogar River before packing up camp and joining two other travellers we met on Couchsurfing.

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A Day of Misfortune and Bad Luck: Iceland Part 2

Skogafoss is one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls, and one of the first places I had ever dreamt of visiting when I first started planning this trip. As it is free to camp just about anywhere in Iceland, we planned to camp the remaining 2 nights to avoid paying hefty hostel prices. And where better to camp than in front of Skogafoss?! If we ever make it, that is.

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Throwing it back to Iceland: Part 1

Another day another throwback. This time, Iceland!

Here we are. Iceland. One of the most anticipated, exciting legs of our journey. A place we were both so keen to be in, explore and love. The beginning of our European adventures, yet a place so unique to anything I’ve ever experienced before. A place so beautiful, I don’t think the next paragraphs will ever do it justice. I’m gonna try anyway. Continue reading “Throwing it back to Iceland: Part 1”


Welcome to Amsterdam! The naughty corner of Europe – the city I fell in love with as soon as I stepped foot on it’s 400-year-old cobblestone streets. Lot of highs, little low’s, everyone is here to have a good time, not a long time. For us? Both. Continue reading “Amsterdammer”

6 Months!

Right now I am sitting in Vondel Park. I rode my bike around this huge place, found a nice spot to sit in front of a river and sat down in an ant’s nest. And then I moved under a tree and touched some Continue reading “6 Months!”

Living in The Netherlands: Excitement 10

Gee I’m really pumping these ones out lately! Guess it is the time where everything is happening all at once, and I’m trying to keep ontop of it all so that one day when I’m back home and wishing I wasn’t I can read back on these and reminisce like an old man. Maybe. Continue reading “Living in The Netherlands: Excitement 10”

Living in The Netherlands: Concern 9

Hello and welcome to my little introverted brain. Tomorrow I have a job interview for ‘Clink Noord’ hostel in Amsterdam. Job interviews don’t bother me too much – I’ve had a a few in my past. However, this one is a group interview. Don’t mind me while I work myself sick about this one. Tomorrow I will enter a hostel I have Continue reading “Living in The Netherlands: Concern 9”

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